Lozen Tactical, LLC

Services & Rates

Softball Skills

30 minutes: $40

Softball lessons: hitting, fielding, throwing correction, catcher position. 

Softball Skills

1 hour: $60

Softball skills:hitting, fielding, throwing correction, catchers position

1 hour of instruction up to two skills

Athlete Training

I provide the following athlete training:

-Strength and Conditioning 

-Speed and Agility

-Softball Skills (hitting, throwing, fielding, catcher)

Please contact as pricing varies per athlete.

Nutrition Only

$50 Monthly 


Nutrition Add On


Addition to any service only 

For Nutrition only service see above.

4 Week Program Only

4 Week Program $50

Beginner/at home workouts

no check ins

4 Week Program with Check Ins

4 week program $75/Monthly

beginner/home workouts/travel workouts with check ins and monitoring

text access to trainer

TA Basic Academy Prep

4 Weeks of Programming $75

Perfect for Basic Academy Prep, getting back into shape for field work, and basic maintenance for tactical athletes.

Programming Only

TA Programming with Check Ins

4 Weeks of Programming $100/Monthly

Programming for the Tactical Athlete with weekly check ins. 


TA In Person Coaching 1 Day Per Week

1 hour: $85

4 Weeks of Programming $100/Month

Includes Weekly Check Ins and 1 in-person coaching day per week for four weeks.

TA Tactical Team Prep

4 Week Programming $100

Tactical Team Preparation with weekly check ins.

TA Tactical Team Maintenance

4 Week Programming $75

Tactical Team Maintenance Programming with weekly check ins.

TA In Person Coaching 3 Days Per Week

1 hour: $175

4 Weeks of Programming $200/Monthly

Includes 3 In person Coaching Days per Week

Includes Weekly Check ins

Full Access Tactical Athlete Program Coaching

$250 Per Month

Tactical Athlete Program Coaching

Weekly Check ins

Nutrition Assistance

Supplement Assistance

Includes limited in-person training as requested

Group Self Defense

2-3 hours: $35

Group Basic Self Defense Course

Minimum 4 attending

$35 per attendee

TA In Person Coaching 2 Days per Week

1 hour: $130

4 Weeks of Programming $150/Month

Includes 2 In person coaching days per week for four weeks

Weekly Check ins

Private Self Defense Lesson

60 minutes: $40

In Person Self Defense Private Lesson-1 hour

Private Defensive Tactics Lesson

60 minutes: $60

Private In-Person Defensive Tactics Lesson-1 hour